Political landscape – in brief – in NZ

Welcome to The Political Accountant, I will try to summarise current policies and important events that are going to affect the livelihoods of New Zealanders.

I’m a little bit left on some issues, a little bit right on some others but will always try to be funny (which is not that easy for an accountant), and impartial unless I think something is stupid, wrong or just plain weird.

2 Replies to “Political landscape – in brief – in NZ”

  1. Regarding your calculations, how can a person earning $14000pa afford to pay $15000pa living expenses?

  2. NZ has the lowest saving rate of any OECD country at negative 10% so people are on average spending 10% each year more than they earn.

    I have also excluded ACC which is moving to 2% and a maximum of $2,200.36 so is a tax that doesn’t get applied to income over $110,018. So the marginal tax rate for someone earning over $110,018 is 2% lower than for people earning less than that.

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